Brisbane to Mount Mee,  Broadbeach to Byron Bay, and Bundaberg to Mooloolaba; Queensland has plenty of scenic roads that would make motorbike riding more enjoyable. But not without any challenges.

Summer is here again and along with it comes extreme heat and high humidity, which can bring threats to riders’ health, like heat stroke and dehydration.

However, this should not be a reason to leave your motorcycle at home all season. By taking certain precautions, you’ll still be able to enjoy motorbike riding during summer.

These tips will help you ride safely and stay cool while exploring the different attractions around the state.

Keep Hydrated

This may be an obvious piece of advice but its importance can’t be stressed enough. Motorbiking in the summer will make you sweat a lot and lose important minerals from your system, which you can only replenish by drinking lots of water.

Make sure to pack more than enough water for the whole trip to keep you hydrated. Carry with you a camel-back water bag and for good measure, an extra gallon jug on your motorbike’s side case. Don’t forget to refill them at the next petrol station!

Lastly, stay away from an alcoholic, caffeinated, and sugary drinks. These liquids will only make you urinate often and lose more body fluid. Just drink regular but cool water and you’ll be fine during the trip.

Wear Appropriate Gear

As motorcyclists, it should be your second nature to always wear appropriate gear when hitting the road. This includes a helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, and pants at the very least to ensure your safety. But because it’s summertime, these gears should be fit for riding in hot weather.

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Pick the ones with mesh textiles to aid ventilation and keep your body cool. You should also wear clothes adept at absorbing your sweat and helping it evaporate, just like the athletic garments. Wear those that will cover the most amount of skin and wick the moisture from your body.

Take Frequent Stops

No matter how frequent you drink or how good your gears maybe, the high temperature will take a toll on your health if you drive continuously without taking a break. That’s why one of the best tips for motorbike riding during summer is to have frequent stops.

Take a 15-minute break every hour to cool down and relax. Restaurants and convenience stores are the best places to do it. If you find one along the way, hop off your bike right away because the next could be hours away.

You can also use Google Maps or similar apps to find these shops on your intended track, so you can plan your stops ahead of time.

Cool Down During Midday

The hottest time of the day is when it gets extra risky for riders to be on the road. So, no matter how excited you are to cover as many miles as you can, it’s best to take shelter during midday for a couple of hours until the temperature gets friendlier. You can always start earlier in the morning to have a good mileage before midday.

Listen to Your Body’s Warning Signs

Sightseeing on your motorbike can be very fun that you may ignore the warning signs of heat exhaustion. Always listen to your body for your safety, especially when driving solo. Some of the symptoms that you need to be aware of are fatigue, dizziness, headache, rapid heartbeat, muscle cramping, and disorientation.

When you notice any of these warning signs, find a shaded area immediately to cool down. Drink plenty of water and don’t continue driving unless you’re feeling perfectly fine.

Prepare for Sudden Rain

Summer is also a rainy season in Queensland. Strong downpour can suddenly happen during your motorbike road trip. Avoid getting caught off-guard by bringing your rain gear at all times. If possible, find shelter and avoid riding through the rain. Once you get back on the road, make sure to be careful of slippery roads and puddles of water that you may encounter.

Mind  Road hazards

Aside from health risks, there are also some road hazards that you need to avoid this season. A good example is the tar snake, the slippery line on the road because of the tar-like material used to cover the road cracks. Tar snakes become more slippery and dangerous at high temperatures, so be very careful when you encounter one while driving.

Summer is also the time when many road constructions happen. On top of it, most animals are active this season and will cross the roads whenever they fancy. Be mindful of them because these are some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents

Perform Regular Maintenance

Keeping your two-wheeler in tip-top condition is another good tip for motorbike riding during summer. In particular, make sure that the bike is well lubricated to avoid breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Tyres also tend to expand in the heat, so check the pressures whenever you can. Lastly, keep the air filter always clean as it’s crucial in keeping the engine cool.

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