We’ve already seen a host of electric cars taking to the roads in Australia and around the world, even some electric sports cars such as the Tesla and the Australian Arcspeed, but electric motorbikes have not really followed suit. Until now. And one of the leaders in the field is an Australian company that has launched a high performance electric motorbike, the Catavolt.

The Catavolt, developed by Newcastle based Jon Egghuizen, is available in sports, commuter and highway versions and has a range of 150kms before it has to be recharged (the highway version has room for an extra battery to extend its range). The first road registered bike was handed over to its new owner, radiologist Christian Abel, recently in the presence of the Federal Minister for Industry and Innovation, Greg Combet. The bike has been speed tested at the Daytona racetrack in Florida, and has broken an Australian land speed record and won an Australian electric motorcycle championship.

One things that riders of electric bikes will have to get used to – they run completely silently. If you’re interested in buying one, you’ll need motorbike finance for $18,000.

European Union Improving Motorbike Safety

It looks like changes are afoot in the European Union to improve the motorbike safety, with a predicted big increase in motorbike usage in urban centres. In the EU motorbikes currently account for only 2% of traffic, but are understood to be involved in 16% of all fatal accidents. The safety measure would see anti-lock braking systems made compulsory on all bikes over 125cc.

James Bond Skyfall Motorcycle Sold At Charity Auction

The bike ridden by James Bond in his latest outing – Skyfall – has been auctioned off to raise money for the BBC Children in Need fundraiser. Honda auctioned the modified CRF250R ridden by Daniel Craig in the opening sequences of the film on eBay. The bike received 67 bids and sold for a hefty GBP101,400 (AUD$155,450) – a bit outside the normal price bracket for motorbike loans at Aussie Bike Loans! It was described on the eBay site as ‘used’.

Pakistan Bans Use Of Motorcycles (In Some Areas)

Finally – just be grateful you’re not an avid motorbike rider in parts of Pakistan, where motorbike riding is banned. In Quetta and Karachi motorbikes have been banned as sadly they are used by terrorists for target killings and other acts of terrorism. The ban has been very unpopular as motorbikes are used by a huge number of people, from office employees to schoolchildren, who now have to find alternative means of transport on already overcrowded streets.