Just like Right Motorcycle Helmet and Motorcycle Boots, Jackets are also extremely important for riders, motorcycle jackets are more than just about making a fashion statement. Their choice of garb contributes to their comfort, protection, and safety while riding. Motorists consider the material used, the visibility the jacket can provide on the road, protection, and just like with any other clothing item, the fit. This where the importance of knowing the different types and functionality of motorcycle jackets come into play.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets look tough for a reason –it’s because they are. Compared with fabric jackets, a leather jacket offers better protection because they are thicker and made of several layers. In the event of a fall, it can protect your arms better from scrapes and scratches. And these bad boys are made to age well –the more you wear them, the better they follow the mould of your body.

However, leather jackets tend to burst easily at the seams, especially when riders hit the ground with force. Two things must be considered when buying a leather jacket –the number of seams and their kind of stitching. The rule of thumb is to find a jacket with as few seams as possible and that any seams should have at least -3 rows of stitching, and if possible, covered with a layer of another material.

Adventure/Sport Jackets

Sports jackets are another option for adventurous riders. Sometimes also called adventure jackets, these are typically made of a material that is more flexible and breathable thus offering ultimate comfort while providing protection. Design-wise, sports and adventure jackets tend to be quite colourful, a useful detail when you are riding in traffic. Excellent styles are created with vents for temperature regulation. When shopping for this kind of jacket, consider looking for a style with flaps over zippers and buttons to ensure the jacket stays on to protect your arms and back in the event of an accident.

Textile Jackets

Here’s the thing –there is no one kind of textile jacket! There are lightweight textile jackets, thick ones, waterproof ones… you name it! There are so many styles and variations that in the end, it all comes down to what you prefer and need. Depending on the kind of textile jacket that you pick, it can carry you through winter or summer just fine. Just remember to pick one with a snug fit because unlike leather jackets, textile jackets do not adapt to the shape of your body over time. If you will be riding in hot weather, consider looking for a style with mesh for ventilation.

Other than the type of jacket, there are also some features or enhancement designers add to a certain type of jacket to provide added ease of riding. Here are some ideas:

  • Armour – You can find jackets with armour built on the shoulder, elbow, and back areas.
  • Ventilation/Perforation – You can use non-summer jackets during extremely hot climate as long as it has a perforation option. You can just zip or button close perforation options when it becomes cold.
  • Liners – Liners provide cushion and extra warmth. There are removable liners so you can just use them whenever you feel like to.

Just like your bike, finding the right motorcycle jacket is a good investment because it means comfort and protection for you. Aussie Bike Loans can help you in looking for assistance to get your dream motorcycle and gear. We can look for an option that best suits your financing requirements with a guaranteed low loan rate. Contact us now at 1-300-769-999 to learn more about our financing plans.