Your first motorcycle is the one you’ll never forget. One day, you’ll find yourself telling people at parties how you got it. Or maybe, you’ll be helping someone like yourself now pick their first bike.

Either way, you’ll want to give good advice. If you’re feeling a bit lost, here’s a list of things to consider before buying your first motorcycle.

New or used

Should buy a new motorcycle or a used one? Most people would go for a new one for their first bike and that’s totally fine. A new motorcycle means reliability, new technology, and outstanding performance are guaranteed. You also have a wide array of options when going for a new motorcycle.

But a used bike isn’t half-bad either. It can be a great choice if you’re a first-time driver who doesn’t want something valuable to break while mastering the skill. Plus, a second-hand motorcycle is more affordable and offers good value for your money.

Both new and used motorcycles have many trade-offs. You can choose by determining which one will benefit you the most.

Type of bike

There are different types of motorcycles available in Australia. Which type you need is one of the things to consider before buying your first motorcycle. That’s because each type of motorcycle is suited for a specific purpose and road conditions, and you need to choose based on your biking plans.

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Do you intend to explore the outback, cross some riverbeds, and conquer the dunes? Then a good dirt bike is what you need. A dual-sport motorcycle is also a good choice for off-road trips, and it offers additional racing capability. But if you want something faster, more powerful, and more appropriate for on-road racing, then shopping for a sportbike will make more sense.

Other types of motorcycles include the touring bike and cruiser bike, suited for long journeys; café racer, an old-school and lightweight motorcycle; and the standard/naked bike, which is ideal for city riding.

The right fit

After determining the type of motorcycle you need, you can go ahead and look at different brands and models at the dealerships. The important thing to do while shopping is to get the feel of riding the motorcycles. Ask the dealer if you can test drive the models you fancy.

Test out the machine for height, weight, and seat position. The right motorcycle for you has a height that lets you plant your feet flat on the ground. In terms of weight, it should be something you can control easily. If you run out of gas on the road, the motorcycle should also be light enough for you to push it towards the next petrol station.

Lastly, some motorcycles have seats that make you lean forward, just like sportbikes. While this is ideal for fast riding, it causes back strain during long travels. You must consider it well if this is something you are comfortable with. If not, it’s safest to go for a motorcycle that allows you to sit in an upright position. A good example of this is the standard or naked bike.

Your skill level

Another important consideration is your skill level. As a new rider, don’t go for a motorcycle that’s too fast and powerful than what you can handle. Stay in your lane for the time being.

Here we have listed the best bikes for beginners.

It’s best to drive a machine with a 500cc engine or lower until you’ve honed your skills and become a more capable rider. It will help you learn fast and lessen the chance of unwanted accidents. Once you’re ready to speed up on the road, you can easily trade your motorcycle for a high-performance variety.


Safety must always be a priority of road users, including motorcycle riders. So, before buying your first motorcycle, make sure to complete a Motorcycle Training course first. This training course aims to increase safety for you and other motorists on the road.

You should also take the course even if you have a good driving experience already. A refresher course will polish your skills and ensure your safety, whatever type of motorcycle you go for.


Aside from the motorcycle itself, you also need to buy motorbike insurance. It is required in most states and territories in Australia, so you need to consider it before buying the first motorcycle.

One thing to decide about motorcycle insurance is the type of coverage to purchase. Basic insurance is called Liability coverage. It will protect you and your machine in cases of accidents. It will also cover injured people and damaged properties caused by an accident to which you are at fault.

You can also purchase additional coverage to get protection from theft, motorcycle damaged from natural causes, and collision with an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

Aussie Bike Loans has a wide range of motorcycle insurance products to protect you.


If you add the cost of insurance, complete motorcycle gears including winter and rainy weather gear, stamp duty, and petrol cost; your purchase can affect your finances long-term. That’s why you mustn’t make a hasty purchase, or you’ll find yourself in a deep hole financially.

What you need to do is to set up a budget before buying your first motorcycle. From this, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and pick the right motorcycle that fits your budget.

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