Riders are picky about their gear and with good reason. Unlike a helmet or gloves, your boots are rarely taken off when you are out on the road, so it is essential to have comfortable and practical boots.

Travelling on a motorcycle is not as comfortable as sitting in a car, so the perfect pair of comfortable riding boots can make all the difference.

The Different Types Of Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots come in many types and below is a list to help riders decide which suits their needs. Check out some of the “must have” motorcycle accessories.

Cruiser Boots


These boots are often made of leather or similar material but look like work boots. They are good in providing better grip on your bike but do not offer much protection. When it comes to durability, their thick soles will surely last long.

Most cruiser boots are ankle-height. So, if you are looking for boots to protect you from the heat coming from your bike’s exhaust pipes and engine parts, then you should opt for knee-length cruiser boots.

If you are looking for boots that you can be comfortable walking around town for a break from driving your bike, these boots are a good choice.

Touring Boots


Biking for long hours is undeniably uncomfortable, hence comfort should be given the greatest importance. It’s a good thing that specific touring boots are able to provide comfort and protection riders need for their long travel on the road.

Keep in mind to choose touring boots that will not bother you while on the road to avoid unnecessary stops to rest your feet or adjust your boots.

Riders should also anticipate weather and climate changes during their long-distance ride. Hence, it is important for their touring boots to be of quality to stand time and several factors such as the change in weather.

Off-Road Adventure Boots


Off-road riders need to be more meticulous when it comes to choosing their boots. Off-road terrains are bumpy and uneven making riders more at risk for knee or shin injuries. This is why rough riders should choose boots that are thick and sturdy enough to protect their legs.

Another thing riders should consider when looking for off-road boots is their ability to shift gears easily.

Racing Boots


Racers do not use random bikes when racing; they use a sports bike. This is also the case when choosing their boots – they wear racing boots.

Racing boots provide the high durability as racers may need to jump off their motorbikes to avoid an impending crash. Moreover, racing boots provide comfort and protection to the racers as they are in a tuck position while on the bike.

High-quality racing boots may be expensive, but you won’t regret spending money in exchange for the comfort, protection, and durability these boots can provide.

One thing you need to remember is that racing boots are specifically designed to be used on the track, so the stiffness of these books will make your legs and feet suffer when you use them to ride the streets.

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