While full electric road motorcycles are still relatively new to the Australian market, you’d be surprised at how far the technology has come in recent years.

Electric bikes may not be for everyone, but there are a few notable benefits you should consider.

Benefits of Electric Motorbikes


Probably first and foremost is the greatly reduced environmental impact of an electric bike that produces no exhaust emissions at all.

Low cost

While the upfront cost of an electric bike may be higher than conventional engines, the running cost is so minimal you will save money from day one, even compared to some of the best fuel efficient motorbikes.

Low maintenance

There’s no oil to check, fuel or oil filters, spark plugs, clutch fluid, timing belts or fiddling around with syncing the throttle and idle speed. Even regular servicing and repairs are few and far between.

Not as loud

The screaming engine of a high-performance sports bike may be the appeal for some riders, however, it can cause problems with the neighbours when you come and go late at night or early in the morning. An electric bike certainly doesn’t have the same problem.

They actually sound futuristic

The high pitch whir of the motor is not as silent as you’d think and different models tend to sound like different crafts from your favourite Sci-Fi epics.

Easy storage

Electric bikes lack an exhaust system so you can actually ride them inside to charge, for parking or if you just love your new bike so much you want to keep it in your bedroom at night.

So far, other than the initial higher price, the only real drawback of electric motorbikes is the charge range. Yet that range is growing with every new model that comes out and they’re getting faster too.

We thought we’d look at some of the best electric motorcycles on the market in Australia at present and what you can expect from them.

Best Electric Motorbikes in Australia

Brammo Empulse R


Designed to be powerful, the Brammo Empulse R is a relatively affordable bike that doesn’t compromise on quality, speed or range.

It has a top speed of 177kph, 6-speed transmission and a city driving range of about 200km or 90km on the highway. It’s also one of the fastest on the market to charge, taking only 2 hours to go from 20% to 80%.

Price Estimate: $14,000

Energica EGO


At the cutting edge of Italian machinery, the Energica EGO is a luxury electric sports bike that at first glance looks like a conventional sports bike.

While it’s one of the heavier electric bikes it will still do a 0-100kph sprint in about 3 seconds. It has a top speed of 240kph yet is still easy to ride slowly, and will travel around 145km on a full charge at 80kph, further on slower speeds.

Price Estimate: $35,000

Brutus V9


The Brutus V9 is a powerful bike with a unique cruiser look for a sports bike.

It boasts a top speed of 185kph and at a conservative battery, estimate ranges at 265km in city riding and 200km on the highway.

Price Estimate: $32,490

Zero SR


Boasted as having more torque than most 1000cc sports bikes, the Zero SR is built for those who want to accelerate harder and ride faster.

Launching a 0-100kph sprint in about 3 seconds, it has a top speed of 165kph and a battery that allows up to a remarkable 315km in the city or 157km on the highway.

Price Estimate: $26,490

Whether you’re looking to save on fuel, save the environment, you want a smooth ride with next to no maintenance work, or you simply like the appeal of new technology, an electric motorbike may be the move for you.

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