June marks the start of winter season in Australia. Some parts of the country, especially the south, have very cold three months. However, for most places, the daily weather is not too harsh.

It still should be fairly sunny this coming season but with the nice mild cool air. It is still a good time to do outdoor activities with friends and families. In fact, winter is the perfect season to explore Australia on a bike.

Australia is a nice place for motorbike riding pretty much all year round, but it is much more ideal this winter season. The cool weather will give the engines more endurance, especially during some long trips.If you are on the east coast, you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to hit the road.

There are great places for motorbike trips whether you are in Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria. Below are the top five motorbike road trips this winter in Australia:

The Snowy Mountains

Informally known as “The Snowies”, the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales is part of the Australian Alps. This mountain range is perhaps more known for winter sports because of its four snow resorts, but it is also great for motorbike tours.

You will enjoy the awesome alpine scenery while zigzagging along the mountain roads. Don’t forget to stop by one or two of the five glacial lakes, the largest of which is the Blue Lake in Mount Kosciuszko.

The Grampians National Park

The park is located in sandstone mountain ranges and is part of the Australian National Heritage List. Aboriginal communities inhabit the place since the start of 19th Century. Grampians National Park is a real treat for bikers because of its igneous rock art sites. Discover beautiful waterfalls, caves and landscapes on your motorbike road trip to the park, which is located in Victoria.

The Great Ocean Road

Another tourist destination registered in Australian National Heritage List, the Great Ocean Road is the largest War Memorial in the world. It is also considered one of the most scenic coastal roads because of the fantastic ocean views. The road stretches up to 280 km from Torquay to Warrnambool, tracing the outline ocean coast in Victoria.

This coastal drive is a real treat to motorbikers because of the temperate rainforest, limestone and sandstone rock formations, and beautiful towns along the way.

New South Wales Coast

This is the perfect motorbike road trip if you want the closest possible view of the ocean. Ride through this coastal region of New South Wales to experience the nice sea breeze coming from the South Pacific Ocean.

You’ll be amazed by the natural marine sanctuaries and reserves along this coastal drive, which stretches from Eden to Sydney. The whole region is also home to more than 30 national parks, including Jervis Bay National Park, Royal National Park and Ben Boyd National Park.

The Blue Mountains

Experience the fresh mountain air on your motorbike tour on Earth’s second largest canyon. This world heritage landmark offers a great view of biodiversity of flora and fauna. It includes more than 400 animal species and a large quantity of eucalypt forest scattered all over the mountain range. Be charmed by the Blue Mountains’ scenic views, including large waterfalls and amazing rock formations like the Three Sisters.

A motorbike road trip is one of the best ways to experience the outdoors this season. A self-guided tour for 3 to 7 days on any of these five road trips will give you the perfect winter experience. Immerse yourself in Australia’s natural wonders and be amazed at the things that nature can offer.

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