The 790 Duke is dubbed a middleweight “naked supremo” and has an engine different from all other KTM models to date.

It has safety features that made it one of the most packed and expensive to make because of its technology.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know such as how this bike got its nickname and whether its right for you.

Test in the Canary Islands

The KTM 790 Duke with a 799cc engine was launched in the Canary Islands. The spot is a playground for motorcyclists and is anything but ordinary. It has narrow and twisty roads that are perfect when you want to know the bike’s handling, braking and, acceleration. Adding to the challenge is the presence of tourist buses and cyclists who mistakenly drive on the left side of the road that keeps all riders on their toes. The bike is light at 174kg (wet), agile and can handle corners and stops easily just like a signature KTM bike.

All-new engine

For 24 years naked bikes from KTM were fitted with a single cylinder with V-twin configurations. This year, all that is about to change with the 790 Duke parallel twin. The company spent $ 1.5 million to make sure it had dyno and endurance testing hours. It also gets an LC8 engine making it a performance street bike without question.

The engine has 105 hp at 9000 rpm and a torque of 86Nm at 8000 rpm. It has a standard-issue quickshifter that can maintain what the parallel twin produced at 5000 rpm and downshifting once you hear a crackle from the exhaust. A silencer from Akrapovic is available if you’re not a fan of this sound and, it blends with the rest of the design seamlessly.

Short-shifting is a breeze because the 790 Duke has a powerful torque. However, riding at slow speed takes some getting used to. Issues with excessive vibration, if there are any, would be easily noticeable because of its engine design and it has dual counter-balancers that prevent that from happening.


KTM said that its cast-aluminum subframe made the 790 best looking in the Duke family. The airbox is just behind the engine that is ride-by-wire and has single spark plugs per cylinder and chain-driven camshafts. Lastly, the bike comes in two colors which are orange and black.


The Duke 790 has lean-angle sensitive traction control, cornering ABS and motor slip regulation for safety. It also has four riding modes such as Sport, Street, Rain and Track with customizable throttle response and “supermoto” ABS mode that allows rear lock-ups. These all come in handy when you want to take the bike to the track. You can also check the TFT screen if you want to work on the ambient light levels or see the layout options.

Price and launch in Australia

The 790 Duke was released March 8th of this year. On the same day, its $15,495 price was revealed. The bike will be available in May in some countries and will arrive in Australia in June.

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