In our last article we looked at some of the motorbike holiday ideas for road bikes. While there are hundreds of thousands of kilometres of sealed roads in Australia, there are a lot more off-road and dirt bike tracks to explore.

From epic mountain ranges to sand dunes as far as the eye can see, bush, beaches and desert, not to mention some of the most phenomenal scenery you (and few others) will ever see, the outback is calling.

If you’re heading out on an off-road motorbike adventure these holidays you might be interested to see what others have done across this great land, as well as tips for making your trip more enjoyable.

Off-road holidays get you out in the open air and allow you to experience the animal life throughout this country.

It is of course important to plan your longer rides, considering terrain, equipment, supplies and fuel stops.

When you’re camping in the outback, particularly if you’re doing a multi-day trip, you want to make sure you have all the equipment you need.

Most importantly, outback riding and motorbike adventure rides are for anyone willing to do the planning and give it a go.

What are you waiting for? This great big country is just waiting for you to hop on your bike and start exploring.

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