Australia has some great places for motorbike road trips and tours all year round, especially in New South Wales. There’s the Snowy Mountains, the Blue Mountains, and the Great Ocean Road. If you and your friends are planning a tour in any of these awesome destinations, you must be prepared for whatever you may face on the road. Knowing some motorbike touring hacks will be very helpful on your road trip.

Here are some of the best hacks and tips that will help you prepare on your next motorbike tour:

  1. Use big garbage bags to protect your clothes and backpacks/luggage from getting wet. You can also keep your wallet, phones, garage door remote and other valuables in zip-lock sandwich bags. Although you can always check the weather forecast before going on a motorbike tour, there can still be unexpected rain along the way.
  2. Another good hack during a rainy day is to use dish washing gloves to keep your gloves dry and provide traction to the handlebars. For your boots you can use waterproof duct tape to cover any openings that water could get through. After a rainy road trip, stuff your boots with used newspapers to absorb the moisture.
  3. Investing in Ventz Jacket Cooling System is very helpful during long trips in sunny weather. Your jacket is very important to protect you from sunburn, but it also prevents your body from getting fresh air. You don’t have to sweat throughout your ride. Ventz can help cool your body temperature even with a leather jacket on.
  4. For those who have non-tinted helmet visors, you can attach a strip of electrical tape to the visor to protect your eyes from the bright sun.
  5. During cold weather, place your hands near the side of the engine to help you get warm. You can also use duct tape to close any cold air entry on your helmet and jacket.
  6. A common motorcycle problem during long tours is battery fuse blowing. Therefore, you should always bring a few spares. While you’re at it, why not bring spare fuses for other types of motorcycles in case anyone else forgets to bring their own.
  7. If you need to oil the motorcycle chain but you forgot to bring the oil, you can purchase ordinary cooking oil from any store and use it as a temporary lubricant. Afterwards, you can purchase motor oil at the next petrol station.
  8. When parking your motorcycle on wet soil, get a piece of wood, a flat stone, or an empty beer can and use it as a solid ground for the kickstand. This will prevent the stand from sinking into the wet soil.
  9. For overnight motorbike tours, make sure to bring as many necessities as you can. Bring bike and helmet locks, clean rags, cable ties, utility cord, duct tape, microfiber cloth, led flashlight, water, spare phone charger, and first aid kit. Also, bring a copy of your personal information, motorcycle registration, driver’s license, insurance information, and emergency contacts. Either bring hard copies and keep them in a zip-lock sandwich bag or make soft copies and store on a USB.
  10. Probably one of the best motorbike touring hacks is to know how to fix your motorcycle. It’s not enough to always carry the motorcycle tools with you. You should be aware of the common motorcycle problems and know how to resolve them before even going on a trip.

Knowing these motorbike touring hacks will definitely help you enjoy your road trip and have more fun. Just remember to be prepared and be safe all the time. If you need to purchase a new motorbike that is more capable for long road trips, contact us at We provide the lowest rates for individuals and businesses even with bad credit. Call us now and get conditionally approved in just a few minutes.

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