In recent years there have been a number of changes regarding motorcycle safety and laws in Queensland and across the country.

From new lane filtering laws to changes in helmet requirements and the LAMs approved bikes, these laws, for the most part, have been brought in to improve motorcycle safety while providing a clear path to licences and better mobility on the roads.

As of October 2016, there will be further changes to the process of getting your RE motorcycle learner licence.

Existing Learner Motorcycle Licence Requirements

You will still need to;

New Learner Motorcycle Licence Requirement

From October you will also have to successfully complete a Q-ride pre-learner training and assessment course away from public roads. All unlicensed riders are required to complete this course before they can acquire their licence, regardless of previous experience.

It’s a competency-based, two-day course that takes new riders through basic riding skills. The course has been designed to better prepare new riders with basic riding knowledge and motorbike handling skills in a safe setting before riding on the open road.

Exemption: There is one exception to this requirement. If you live more than 100km from a Q-Ride training centre you can apply for an exemption from the course. However, if you are exempt from the course you will be required to hold your RE Learner Licence for longer.

New riders will now have to hold their learner motorcycle licence for at least three months before getting their RE licence (provisional) and then their RE licence for two years before progressing to an open R motorcycle licence.

What next?

Once you have your motorcycle learners licence you will need to hold it for at least three months before you can participate in the RE Provisional Q-Ride Course. This is the last step towards receiving your provisional motorcycle licence.

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